Sacred Soul Remembrance Online Four Week Course – Solo or with direct support from Martha 

We are so excited to be offering the first Living the One Light online SACRED SOUL REMEMBRANCE class! 

You can do this class solo (on your own online) and/or with direct guidance and help from Martha and from us, one on one with you. In this four part “course,” we will lead you through a series of channeled, guided meditations, visualizations, and journal and art exercises, as well as channeled messages to help you to remember, see, know, and feel your beautiful soul… During the four sessions, you will:

Remember your Soul Self

Remember how to feel, hear, and know your own infinite Soul Wisdom

Remember Your Soul Gifts and Soul Magic

Remember Your Soul Song and Why You Are Here

By the end of this course, you will remember your BEAUTIFUL, MAGICAL Soul Self and you will feel more clear, joyful, purposeful, alive, in love with yourself and your life, and you will have the ability to hear and know your own infinite soul wisdom. You have two choices of how to participate in this course:

Solo Online Experience: Participate in these online classes on your own at your own pace and have a solo experience just as feels right for you.  This is $98.

Online Experience Supported by Soul Remembrance Sessions with Martha: Start and close your experience of remembering your Soul Self with one-on-one sessions with Martha (one or two total). She uses her knowledge of evolutionary astrology, as well as her intuitive abilities and her connection to the spiritual world, as well as her abilities to assist you to connect to your own soul and your own soul wisdom to assist you to remember your Soul Self and your Soul Wisdom. This option is $325 for one individual session or $525 for two individual sessions.