Sacred Soul Remembrance Program

Are you fully committed and fully ready to remember and then reclaim all of who you are, all of why you came to this planet, and to step into all of your beautiful soul gifts and ultimate, soaring soul life?

If the answer is YES, then this program may be exactly for you.

In the Sacred Soaring Soul Remembrance Program, work directly with Martha for twelve sessions to help to assess where you are in your personal experience of remembering and reclaiming your soul. 

Martha supports you through astrology readings, as well as her connection to the spiritual world to:

1) Remember your own beautiful Soul Self

2) Learn how to hear your deep, inner soul wisdom

3) Remember your incredible, sacred soul gifts

4) Your ultimate soul purpose in this lifetime. 

Martha then helps you in practical ways to open yourself to this soul remembrance, to the energy of your soul, to clear all that is not of that soul essence, and then to allow the divine to flow through you in exactly the way that is meant for you. 

By the end of the twelve weeks of direct support from Martha, come away with a clear sense of the BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING, POWERFUL, MAGICAL soul that is YOU. Come away feeling clear, with a strong sense of your gifts, your soul purpose, the next steps for your life, a sense of ALIVENESS and an access to DEEP JOY and beauty and LOVE for your amazing self and for your ultimate, true SOUL LIFE.

Come away from this experience feeling IN LOVE with your soul and take off SOARING as the REAL, BEAUTIFUL YOU…

If this option calls to you, please complete the Living the One Light survey to apply for a free consultation with Martha to see if this option is a good match for you. Please state on the survey that you are interested in having a free consultation.

I am honored to be here to support your soul to birth itself and soar in exactly the way that is right for you…

So much love.