We are here to see you, to support you, and to cheer you on as you awaken to your full, beautiful spiritual self and your ultimate Earthly life.

In healing sessions with Martha, we channel through her to assist you in the following ways:

1) To see and know your highest, most true and complete spiritual self.

2) To get crystal clear about your highest and full gifts and why they are so needed on the planet at this time

3) To get crystal clear about your ultimate purpose and why you came to this world in this lifetime

4) To identify where you are in your awakening process

5) To get crystal clear about what support you are needing at this time and how you can meet those needs to rise and rise and rise and open fully to your ultimate purpose, your ultimate life, and your full joy and fulfillment at this time in your life on this beautiful planet.

Some of Martha’s gifts include the ability to allow to come forth various aspects of your own wisdom, in whatever way you need at this exact moment.

Depending on what you are needing, Martha is able to receive messages and to see and know aspects of your current self, your energy body, your past lives, other aspects of your existences, energy blockages in your current field, messages from energies and spirits in your world, and so forth.

Most importantly, Martha has a great deal of experience and a very strong ability in assisting you to awaken to your own abilities, your own goals for yourself and to gently and lovingly hold a space for you to gain your own insights and your own wisdom about your own spiritual truth.

Martha’s and our main goal is to empower you to connect to and regularly access your own amazing, wonderful, infinite beauty and strength and wisdom in order to guide yourself in opening to your highest, ultimate life on this Earth at this time.

If you are feeling on the precipice of “coming out” as your full, amazing spiritual self, are committed to doing so, and are longing for support in your process, please contact us!  We would love to discuss your process and your needs.

To apply for a free 20 minute consultation, please click below.

If we feel that there is a good match to between your needs and the purpose of the free consultation, we will contact you within two days.

In the free 20 minute consultation, Martha and we will assist you to identify your current goals and needs in your personal awakening process and will help to determine whether and in what way we can best help you at this time.