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Where to begin?

I was born in Thailand into a US diplomat family and grew up in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Kenya, and northern Virginia. I have strong family and spiritual love with many parts of the world, including Scotland, South Asia, Iceland, parts of the North American continent, and much more. I had a rich and varied childhood and young adulthood. I received my MSW in 2001 from Smith College and then a massage certificate in 2003. I was a clinical social worker, psychotherapist, and body worker for two decades. As a therapist and social worker, I specialized in treatment of trauma and attachment issues.

In 2018, the spirit world made it clear that I was to take my foundations of knowledge and healing of the mind, emotions, and body to a new level by incorporating healing also on the level of ourselves as beings of the soul, spirit, cosmos, and the Earth, in addition to ourselves as beings of the mind, heart, and body. 

In 2018, as directed (very clearly!) by the spirit world, I began channeling the eight book Living the One Light series.  In November 2018, I published the first book in the series, Living the One Light.  In August and September of 2019, I published the next two books, Gaia Speaks and Cosmos Speaks.  These three books each remind us of our nature as divine beings of the cosmos who are “divine tuning forks” who have a unique, divine song to sing. They give practical tools for remembering, uncovering, and moving into the reality of our lives as both beings of the Earth and of spirit and the cosmos.

I am currently working on the upcoming next three books in the series – Love Speaks, The Goddesses Speak, and The Gods Speak.  These three focus on the nature of divine love, self love, divine sexuality, the divine feminine and divine masculine, the healing between the two, the inner sacred union, and the implications in our world of how that inner healing has the potential for radically healing our world.

I also work directly with clients helping them to access their own knowledge of themselves as whole beings of mind, body, heart, the Earth, the cosmos, and the divine.  I incorporate my knowledge of astrology as appropriate, as well as my connection to the spirit world.  In doing so, I support and nurture your own connection to the spirit world and your innate soul wisdom and knowing.

I offer one on one sessions, longer term support and mentoring, online courses, a Patreon membership, and free videos, as well as articles and the books.  I work both locally and globally.

I am humbled, honored, and grateful to serve in this way and honor you as a soul and being.  I see you as an equal, as a being who is incredibly beautiful and needed on this planet in your full aliveness and knowing of who you are.  I see myself as a servant of the divine to honor and support your soul to come into that remembering in whatever way is best for you. 

In addition, I am quite in love with the life I have with my two amazing children, ages 14 and almost 9.  We have three cats and live walking distance to the ocean in incredibly beautiful Goleta, California.  

Thank you for being here.

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