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Calling All Emerging and Soaring Soul Butterflies!



We are so happy to see you!

Who are Soul Butterflies?

Soul Butterflies are YOU!

As we have said before, we are here to encourage and to support all of you who are awakening to the reality that you came into this life on Earth to be fully conscious as both your human, Earth body self and as your full, beautiful spiritual self as well.

Do you feel and know who you are on a spiritual level?

Do you feel an inkling of who that beautiful spirit is?

Do you see it and have some moments of connecting to your beautiful spiritual self?

Do you already know and feel and see and embody and soar as your spiritual self most of the time?

if you said yes to any of these questions, then YAY! We are talking to YOU!!

We have come to you to say AWAKEN! Thank you! And AWAKEN some more!

So many of you have been in a chrysalis for your soul. You have been incubating and gestating and transforming inside of that wonderful, nurturing chrysalis. And at some point, you have begun to notice a spark inside of you, likely inside of your heart or a spark of knowing and connecting with your ultimate spiritual being, your ultimate “butterfly” self.

And some of you can feel yourselves ready and waiting to emerge from that sacred chrysalis. Maybe you have begun to awaken to a set of amazing and sparkling gifts that you know you have and use, but you do not share them except with a tiny, select few other humans. Maybe you have begun to see and feel the true nature and purpose of the beautiful butterfly that is your full soul self. Maybe you feel and know that purpose and you know and feel that it is TIME – NOW for you to step into that full purpose as that full butterfly. And maybe stepping out of your chrysalis is scary!!! You feel exposed and petrified just thinking of emerging from the comfort and your warm and safe chrysalis. And at the same time, you know that you MUST emerge. You MUST step out, spread your wings and SOAR as the ALL that you are!

And this is precisely why we are here!

We are here for EXACTLY YOU!!!!

We are here to hold your hand as you emerge, to look you straight in the eye and to tell you that you are safe, that you can do it, that we need you to do this, that you are surrounded and completely enveloped by infinite love as you emerge. We are here to be your guides as you awaken and emerge. We are your cheerleaders. We are your midwives and your friends as you do this sacred and crucial work.

Sometimes, the process of emerging from the chrysalis is HARD. Sometimes it is not only scary, it can mean shifting many aspects of your life that are no longer in harmony and alignment with your full, soaring butterfly reality. Sometimes relationships, jobs, friendships, living situations, and other parts of your life can suddenly change, suddenly fall away, suddenly open up in drastically unexpected ways. And we are here to guide you through those shifts as you need.

And THEN! What awaits you as you step out of the chrysalis, open your wings and soar!

We are also here to remind you – here is what happens when you soar:

  • All of a sudden, your life feels like it “clicks.”
  • You know and embody the reason you came to this planet in this lifetime.
  • You know and feel your ultimate purpose here.
  • You see and know and embody your amazing and highest, most needed gifts in your life here and now.
  • You KNOW and feel that you are a BEAUTIFUL and deeply and infinitely needed being on this planet and in this Universe, here and now!
  • Also, as you remind yourself daily of your beautiful, soaring butterfly reality, your day to day focus becomes easy and clear.
  • You release anxieties and worries that may have preoccupied you before.
  • You suddenly have so much more energy because you know where you need and want to put your focus and attention.
  • You hear and feel what you need to thrive.
  • You find it easy to make choices that are in your highest and best interest.
  • Because you are making clear and easy choices in your best interest, your health shifts and you start to feel amazing in your body.
  • You attract people, places, and things that are also in line with your highest good and who nurture and support you in exactly the ways you need as your soaring, beautiful butterfly self!
  • Life becomes an enjoyable, wonderful experience most of the time.
  • You are grateful for all that you have and just love, love, love more and more and more.

So truly, we are here to serve YOU. We are here to serve YOU stepping into the you that is needed by our Universe and also into the YOU that will thrive and love your life to its absolute fullest, here and now.

And to those of you who are already the beautiful, soaring butterflies, YAY! We are here to connect with you too!!! We know that all of us soaring, beautiful butterflies need to see and to connect with each other. We need to work in connection and collaboration together. Our healing capacities are at their ultimate highest when we work collectively in the interest of the highest good for the Earth, for each other, and for the Universe.

So, to all of you emerging, soon to be soaring butterflies, and to all of you already soaring butterflies, YAY!!!

Please be in touch here. Please tell us about what you are experiencing, what you are needing, how we can support you, and what we can do for you.

If you would like to apply for a free 20 minute consultation to see if our services are a mutual match for your supporting your awakening and emergence process, please fill out this quesitonnaire: