Messages of Ultimate Healing, Truth, and Balance in Life, Love, and All of Existence

HELLO, Beautiful Soul…

Welcome to Living the One Light!

We are so glad you are here!

We are here to remind you of YOU.



You are HUGE.

You are MAGICAL.

You came to this planet at this time because you CARE.  You care deeply.  You love this place.  You love these people and animals and plants and beings on this planet.  And you want to help.

You also know that you are incredibly special and have something powerful and magical to offer the world.

And maybe you know exactly who you are and exactly what you are here to give.

However, for many of you, you have a sense that you are beautiful and magical and needed on this planet, but you can’t quite see yourself.  You can’t quite put a finger on who you are.  You can’t quite figure out what you came here to be or to do or how you came to help.  You know you have incredible soul level gifts and maybe you can feel what they are to a certain extent, but maybe you are struggling to really, fully name them or to see them or to claim them.

And yet, you want to help.  You desperately want to help.  And you know you can in a way that is far beyond what you are doing now.

In your own life, you also want to feel fully ALIVE.  You want to feel called and clear and on fire and full of purpose and direction and bliss and incredible JOY and love….

You feel some of those things sometimes, but maybe you also feel confused or anxious or depressed or scared or like you are spinning in circles.

And you know that you are AMAZING.

And you KNOW in your inner most being that you came here to serve in an incredibly powerful, BEAUTIFUL, awe inspiring way.

And you want that clarity and you want to KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt WHO you are and WHY you are here.  And you would LOVE to be able to hear and feel and know your OWN WISDOM, your own deep, inner, incredible, INFINITE WISDOM.

So we are here to help you with exactly this!

We are here to remind you that THE MOST RADICAL thing you can do to HELP THE WORLD and help yourself is to REMEMBER YOUR SOUL.

We know your soul.  We KNOW that you are incredibly beautiful and powerful and magical and NEEDED in your full soul self on this planet right now.

And so this is what we are here to do – to help you, to guide you, to assist you in remembering your full, actual soul self and then to come into full alignment with living your soul self fully on this planet, RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW.

If this speaks to you, you know it.  If you are needing and ready to REMEMBER YOUR SOUL right now, you know it.  You can feel it in your cells.  You can feel your soul calling to you and singing through you.  You feel it and know it in exactly your own way.

And if that is you, we are so happy to have found you!

We would love to connect with you.

Let’s get started…

We would love to get to know you better.  If you feel called, please fill out the survey in the link below.

Or if you know that you would like to book a session directly with Martha, please follow the link to book a session below. 

If you are interested in possible longer term (six or twelve weeks) of mentoring with Martha, please apply for a complimentary consultation also by filling out the same survey below and indicate that you would like a complimentary consultation.

We are here and so honored to support you in your journey of remembering your beautiful, true, precious self in whatever way is just right for you.

Lots of love,

Martha and Living the One Light


Living the One Light is a series of eight books being channeled through Martha.  Each book is being channeled by a different set of spiritual entities, each of whom are providing guidance for those of us who are remembering our soul selves and coming into full alignment of living our incredible, magical, ultimate soul lives.

The first two books, Living the One Light and Gaia Speaks, have been published and are Amazon.  The third book, Cosmos Speaks, is finished and will be published very soon.  The remaining five are in process and much more is yet to come!

Each of the books has a different frequency and a different valence.  Each book is a different medicine in and of itself and will resonate for various people at various moments in your lives.  Each book can be used like an oracle of sorts.  You can read the book from cover to cover or can hold it like a deck of angel cards and can allow your divine knowing to open to the page or passage you are needing in that moment.

Each of the books has channeled messages, as well as guided visualizations and journaling pages to provide you practical, immediate ways of connecting to your own divine, cosmic self and your own divine, cosmic knowing and then allowing your soul self to flow through you.

These books are a gift for the world and are designed to allow you to open to all of who you are and to hear your own soul song and your own soul beauty.


BOOK #1:  LIVING THE ONE LIGHT: Messages of Pure Love, Support, and Guidance for Awakening to Living Your Ultimate Life

Living the One Light is a set of messages channeled for you by a set of high light beings.  The beings give a vision of a world in which YOU and millions of other souls are waking up to their full spiritual and Earthly existences.  This waking up looks like lights lighting up all around the globe.
The beings say, “We are so happy you are here!  We are so happy that you are remembering who you are.  We are here to help you to remember all of who you are and to help you to navigate the process of coming fully into the life your soul is meant to live on this planet.  The world needs you.  We need you.  You have gifts and magic that can only come through you.  We are here to guide you and to assist you as you remember the incredibly beautiful you.  Thank you…”

BOOK #2:  GAIA SPEAKS: You are a Star, a Song, a Medicine – Remember with Me

Gaia Speaks is the second book in the Living the Light series. It is a gift speaking directly to you. It is a book channeled from Gaia, the Mother Earth, a goddess and fellow cosmic being. Gaia is a gorgeous member of the star world, just like you. She is a mother, a lover, a friend, a being who sees you and knows you since before time. She has a message for you to remind you of who she is, who you are, and why you came to this planet, in this lifetime, at this moment. Gaia speaks to you and your soul directly and guides you and reminds you how beautiful you are, how crucial you are, and gives you practical tools for opening, clearing, and flowing with all of who you are on a soul and cosmic level. You are beautiful. You are needed. Your soul has a song only it can sing. Your soul is a medicine only it can bring. Open now to all of who you are and remember… Thank you so much for being here.

BOOK #3:  COSMOS SPEAKS: Wisdom and Remembrance of the All That Is

Cosmos Speaks is a set of messages channeled from the deep inner cosmos and all of existence.  The messages remind us of the ultimate reality of where we come from, who we are, why we came to this planet at this time, and of the nature of the energies of existence and our role in it all.  Cosmos Speaks provides many profound, healing, practical experiences and guided meditations that transport us into worlds we may have forgotten.  In these experiences, we can remember our own access to the deep, infinite wisdom of all of existence, a “world with no fear,” the nature of the energies of “money” and resources, and the healing state of being in the stars.  Through these messages, we can come back to who we are, why we are here, a great sense of deep peace, purpose, clarity, and love that is our natural state of being in our ultimate, cosmic selves.

Cosmos Speaks is the third book in the Living the Light Series.  Like the previous books, it provides channeled messages, as well as practical guided visualizations, and journal pages for a personal experiential relationship with the messages in the book.


Martha Alter Hines, MSW, CMT is a channel and a cosmic healer. She has twenty years of experience in the very as a psychotherapist, clinical social worker, and body worker.

She now assists people to navigate the beautiful and often challenging experience of awakening to their ultimate, cosmic selves and souls. She has the experience as a
psychotherapist and body worker, but also has many spiritual gifts which include the ability to see the spirit world, the energy bodies and structures of all forms of life, including people, the Earth, and of the cosmos. Martha, therefore, has an ability to bridge both the Earthly world and that of the spiritual and cosmic worlds and to help people to navigate this balance.

Martha is in constant communication with a wide range of spiritual energies and existences and is channeling a series of books that are voices of many of these entities. Each book is a different medicine to also assist people in their awakening journeys. The first book, Living the One Light, was published in 2018. Gaia Speaks and Cosmos Speaks were published in 2019 and many more are on their way.

Martha has two beautiful children and lives in gorgeous Goleta, California. Martha loves the coast of California and feels called to be co-creating with this place for a long time to come.

Connect with Martha for mentoring, astrology readings, and cosmic healing work at

WORK with MARTHA and Living the One Light

Are you ready to remember your soul?

Yay!  That is so exciting…

If you have been feeling unseen, unappreciated for who you truly are, unsure of who you truly are, confused about your ultimate gifts, your ultimate purpose, and why you came to this planet, the time for those feelings is at its end.

This is wonderful both for you and for us and for the entire planet.

We are so happy and excited to help you to step into seeing, knowing, and remembering your highest, exquisitely BEAUTIFUL, NEEDED, PRECIOUS self.  We are so honored and excited to help you to go from feeling unappreciated, anxious, depressed, and/or confused to filled with amazing LIFE, DEEP JOY, a clear sense of PURPOSE, and incredible LOVE for yourself and your life.

So let’s get started with what you know is the best way for you to do this right here and right now.

We invite you to take a deep breath and come to your heart center and your body.  As you read through these options, let your body and your soul tell you exactly what is right for you.

We offer the following:

  1. Sacred Soul Remembrance Online Four Week Course – Solo or with direct support from MarthaWe are so excited to be offering the first Living the One Light online SACRED SOUL REMEMBRANCE class!  You can do this class solo (on your own online) and/or with direct guidance and help from Martha and from us, one on one with you.
    In this four part “course,” we will lead you through a series of channeled, guided meditations, visualizations, and journal and art exercises, as well as channeled messages to help you to remember, see, know, and feel your beautiful soul…

    During the four sessions, you will:

    1. Remember your Soul Self
    2. Remember how to feel, hear, and know your own infinite Soul Wisdom
    3. Remember Your Soul Gifts and Soul Magic
    4. Remember Your Soul Song and Why You Are Here

    By the end of this course, you will remember your BEAUTIFUL, MAGICAL Soul Self and you will feel more clear, joyful, purposeful, alive, in love with yourself and your life, and you will have the ability to hear and know your own infinite soul wisdom.

    You have two choices of how to participate in this course:

    Solo Online Experience: Participate in these online classes on your own at your own pace and have a solo experience just as feels right for you.  This option is $98.

    Online Experience Supported by Soul Remembrance Sessions with Martha: Start and close your experience of remembering your Soul Self with one-on-one sessions with Martha (two total). She uses her knowledge of evolutionary astrology, as well as her connection to the spiritual world to assist you to remember your Soul Self and your Soul Wisdom.

    This option is $225 for one session or $325 for two sessions.  


  2. Sacred Soul Remembrance Astrology Readings with Martha

The placement of the planets in this solar system at the exact moment of your birth show a “blueprint” of the evolutionary intentions your soul had at the moment it incarnated into this lifetime.

By looking at your astrological chart, Martha can help to assist you in getting a better sense of who you are, what your soul intended in coming into this lifetime, what challenges your soul may face, what gifts you bring into this lifetime, and what you are here to do.

Enjoy an hour of learning about how the cosmos was configured in the moment you were born, how the cosmos is currently configured, and how this all affects who you are, why your soul chose to incarnate in this lifetime, what you are here to learn, what gifts you bring, and how the cosmic energies are likely affecting you now and throughout your life.

Martha uses intuitive messages in combination with the structure of the astrology chart to give you exactly what information you are needing at this moment in your life to feel understood, assured, and gently guided in who you are and how you are navigating your life now and into the future.

Sessions are 30, 60, or 90 minutes. They can be in person, over the phone, or via video conference.  Sessions are $175 for a 60 – 75 minute session.

See below to book a session with Martha.


Are you on the edge of remembering and re-becoming all of who you are on a soul level?  

Are you wishing you had a person to see you on this level and hold space for you to navigate coming into all of who you are, along with any anxieties, uncertainties, and possibly major changes that may occur in your life during this major transition?

If the answer is YES, then mentoring with Martha may be right for you.

In the Sacred Soul Mentoring, Martha can work with you on a regular, ongoing basis to support you exactly how you need with one on one, regular, ongoing sessions.

Martha supports you through astrology readings, as well as her connection to the spiritual world to:

1) Remember your own beautiful Soul Self – yourself as a “divine tuning fork”

2) Learn how to hear your deep, inner soul wisdom, your divine “song”

3) Remember your incredible, sacred soul gifts

4) Clear away whatever “dirt” might be stuck to your inner “divine tuning fork”

5) Allow yourself to sing your divine song, purpose, and way of being

6) Navigate the struggles that might come up as you practice this way of being

7) Celebrate the joys of coming into who you truly are and sharing that with the world

The goal of this mentoring is that you come away with a clear sense of the BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING, POWERFUL, MAGICAL soul that is YOU. The goal is that you come away feeling clear, with a strong sense of your gifts, your soul purpose, the next steps for your life, a sense of ALIVENESS and an access to DEEP JOY and beauty and LOVE for your amazing self and for your ultimate, true SOUL LIFE.

Come away from this experience feeling IN LOVE with your soul and take off SOARING as the REAL, BEAUTIFUL YOU…

If this option calls to you, please fill out the Living the One Light survey below to apply for a free consultation to see if this option is a good match for you or email Martha at:


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