Messages of Ultimate Healing, Truth, and Balance in Life, Love, and All of Existence

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We are so glad you are here. We are Living the One Light.  We are a set of high level beings who are resonating at the highest frequencies of the universe, essentially akin to God and the Universe itself.

We have called you here to help you ascend to your highest frequency and vibration possible in this lifetime on Earth. If you feel called by these teachings and these ways of being, then you are on a mission of that ascension already and we are so glad.

We have asked Martha to create this website as a forum, as a platform for us to channel through her various aspects of wisdom that we need to share with people like you who are ready and wanting to live a life of ascension and full surrender to the ultimate reality that we are all of the One Light (in other words, God).

There are so many ways in which releasing into that reality in every way can and does transform lives, both for yourself and for the planet.  These include:


For YOU:

1) Seeing and knowing the full spiritual you, in addition to the Earth, human you (hint: You are AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL…)

2) Seeing and fully knowing what your ultimate gifts are in this lifetime and as a soul

3) Remembering and realizing what your ultimate purpose is in this lifetime

4) Stepping into the full purpose, gifts, and ultimate life you came to this Earth to live!

5) Living a life filled with a deep, aligned sense of purpose, joy, and deep, deep peace


For the EARTH:

1) The Earth gets to enjoy and reap the benefits of your full being, your full gifts, and your full purpose in this life

2) The Earth has the power of you and your full gifts and your full being joining together with other powerful, beautiful, fully awake souls on this planet

3) The Earth is able to receive the amazing healing that is possible for the Earth herself, as well as for us all, when more and more and more humans wake up completely in this lifetime, right now.


We see and know that at this time, so many of us are ready and wanting to wake up and live fully in our full selves now!

And so here we are.


We are here to serve in two main ways:

1) To channel various aspects of wisdom from the Light reality, and

2) To offer direct healing and support through Martha for those of you who feel drawn to and resonate with having individual healing sessions.


We are here to assist you directly if:

  • These benefits above speak to you, call to you, and you know you want those exact things.

  • You feel on the precipice of a major life transition.

  • You feel like you are about to launch into a whole new level of who you are.

  • You have a sense of another, higher level of who you are, but you can’t quite fully see who that is.

  • You know that you have amazing spiritual gifts that you have not fully brought into your life on Earth at this time.

  • You might be somewhat scared, but you are ready and excited to fully step into your ultimate life and purpose of why you came to this planet at this time.

  • You would like someone to hold your hand and guide your process of awakening to and becoming the ultimate, beautiful you.

We are so grateful and happy each and every time we see those of you shining and rising your lights higher and higher and we are elated when your frequencies actually match ours. Such a gift for you, for this planet, and for the balance and healing of the Universe.

Thank you for existing and all greatest blessings to you.


Living the One Light is a set of messages and knowledge coming directly from a set of highest level energy beings for those of you on the planet who are ready and wanting to rise into your highest forms of existence while living as humans on this planet at this time.

We know that the process of awakening to your full spiritual reality and bringing that reality into your Earthly body and your Earthly life is often a lonely, difficult, complicated experience.

It is our hope and our mission to support you in navigating that experience.

We need the ALL of you to fully embody the Earthly you.  Our Earth needs you.  Our Universe needs you.

And so we are here to assist you.

We hope that this book will help to support those of you who are ready and eager to step into this highest Earthly existence where you are fully grounded and uplifted at the same time and where you embody your full purpose, your full set of gifts, and you are able to be a channel of highest joy and healing for the planet.

We send these messages and healing light with the highest, most resonant intentions.

Blessings to you.


Martha Alter Hines is an intuitive, gifted healer who incarnated into this lifetime to be a channel and a portal between the Earth and the All That Is.

Over the past many years, we have assisted Martha to awaken to this reality and to remember all of who she is and all of how she is meant to serve YOU, the Earth, and the Universe.

Martha’s story of awakening was magical and challenging all at the same time.  It involved awakening to her extraordinary spiritual gifts and her strong connections to the sources of divine joy and love.  It also involved leaving her marriage, becoming a single mother to her two beautiful children, and of making two major career changes over the past seven years.  Her awakening process helped her to release the understandable anxiety that came with these major life changes and also helped her to get crystal clear in her own voice about who she is and what she needs to thrive in her life.  She also became able to better discern her body’s needs and is feeling the most healthy and happy she has in her entire life.

She loves her life as an awakened being and is here to help YOU on your awakening journey.

Martha has over nineteen years of experience as a clinical social worker, psychotherapist, energy healer, and massage therapist.  She has specialized in trauma and attachment treatment in her work as a clinical social worker and psychotherapist.  Therefore, while the work she does in assisting others to awaken is NOT psychotherapy, she is fully equipped to assist you to navigate a wide range of issues that may arise in your awakening process.

We are so grateful to YOU for being ready to become your fully awakened self and we are so grateful to Martha for being present and available to guide you in your process.




We are here to see you, to support you, and to cheer you on as you awaken to your full, beautiful spiritual self and your ultimate Earthly life.

In healing sessions with Martha, we channel through her to assist you in the following ways:

1) To see and know your highest, most true and complete spiritual self.

2) To get crystal clear about your highest and full gifts

3) To show you how you, specifically, are needed on this planet at this time

4) To also get crystal clear about your ultimate purpose and why you came to this world in this lifetime

5) To identify where you are in your awakening process

6) To identify what support you are needing at this time and how you can meet those needs to rise and rise and rise and open fully to your ultimate purpose, your ultimate life, and your full joy and fulfillment at this time in your life on this beautiful planet.

To apply for a free 20 minute consultation, please click below.

If we feel that there is a good match to between your needs and the purpose of the free consultation, we will contact you within two days.

In the free 20 minute consultation, Martha and we will assist you to identify your current goals and needs in your personal awakening process and will help to determine whether and in what way we can best help you at this time.


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