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Honoring and Supporting the Infinite,

Divine Being That Is You

HELLO, Beautiful Soul…

I am so glad you are here!

You are a being of the divine. Literally.

You know this.

We know this.

And yet what is often not as easy as “knowing” our divinity is LIVING in the knowing of our divinity, especially as we navigate life on Earth.

About three years ago, the spirit world nudged me very firmly to leave my long standing career as a clinical social worker to follow my soul calling of supporting us to live fully as the beings of the divine that we are.

So I do that in many ways, depending on your needs.

          • ONLINE COURSES and Channeled, Guided Experiences
          • ONE-ON-ONE astrology sessions and longer term spiritual mentoring

Take a look at the options below and feel what resonates for you at this moment.

I would love to hear from you, get to know you, hear what your current needs are, and support you in whatever way is right for you.

Much love to you,


ONLINE COURSES and Channeled, Guided Experiences


Resonating As the Divine”

First and foremost, the spirit world has made it clear that the ONE key gift they would like to give to anyone and everyone who wants it is to literally remember and to come into the experience of ourselves as the resonance and vibration of the divine.

We have all heard about the concept of “raising our vibration.”

However, what the spirit world has been emphasizing with me is that they actually want us all to simply remember our ultimate vibration as the vibration of the divine itself, of Source itself.

Because that is what we are – literally.

As the spirit world says, when we come into that resonance of ourselves as the vibration of the divine, anything and everything else is possible. That is our one and only job, to a certain extent.

When we come into a remembrance of the vibration that is us AS THE DIVINE, then suddenly, we remember and know and feel what resonates at that level for us and what does not. And we also can relax back into that vibration and allow the divine that is us and that is all things to move, to shift, to allow what does resonate at that level to manifest and for our lives to become in as much resonance as is possible with our highest soul purpose for our life on Earth.

The spirit world says they would like for EVERYONE to have this experience, day in and day out.

If this calls to you, you know it, and you can start here with this experience of being supported to come back into this resonance of YOU as the divine itself.

You can come back into this remembering and this experience over and over again, as many times as you like, any time you like.

If this calls to you, join me here…


Six Healing Sessions of the Spirit World

Are you wanting some comforting, some healing, to be simply held and known and reminded of how safe you are, how beautiful you are, and that all is ok on an ultimate level of the divine?

The spirit world created a video series that might be just right for you.

This is a series of six videos, two of which are free. The full series is available for $45.

Each video in the series is a healing session by various beings of the spirit world – Earth beings, beings of Light, beings of the Cosmos – all who know and love you and each and every one of us.

This series is designed for you to simply lie back, relax, and allow the spirit world to do what they do best – just love you and bring you into a remembering that you are held, you are known, you are loved, and that in the arms of divine, all is well, and that healing just simply IS.

If you are moving with feelings of anxiety, loneliness, depression, pain of any kind, ailments of any kind, or if you just want a comforting, soothing experience to come back to any time and anywhere, join us here…

Living life on Earth is often very challenging. Living life on Earth as a person who wants to be both present in the physical world and also conscious and aware of yourself as a being of the divine has its own challenges and opportunities.

In this video series, the spirit world is providing a set of practical tools that they feel are particularly important for many of us as we navigate life in this way.

The series currently has three videos and will be growing as the spirit world wants to add to it over time.

The three videos are as follows:

1) Releasing “Stories” Back Into Source

2) Returning to the “Nothingness”

3) Clicking With Your Divine Alignment

To join me and the spirit world for support in these tools, do so here…



Are you wanting direct support in your journey, either in one session or in an ongoing way?

It is my calling to be here to support the divine that is you. I use astrology, as well as my connection with the divine and the spirit world to support your

I work in various ways, both in one time sessions and in ongoing, longer term mentoring.

One time sessions are $175/hour.

Longer term work with me is very affordable through my Patreon membership, starting at $25/month, depending on what fits your needs.

Click below to see the various options or email me with questions:

I look forward to connecting with you and supporting the beauty and literal divinity that is you…

Living the One Light is a series of eight books being channeled through Martha. Each book is being channeled by a different set of spiritual entities, each of whom are providing guidance for those of us who are remembering our soul selves and coming into full alignment of living our incredible, magical, ultimate soul lives.

The first three books, Living the One Light, Gaia Speaks, and Cosmos Speaks have been published and are on Amazon. The remaining five are in process and much more is yet to come!





First and foremost, I am a mom of two amazing kids, now ages nine and fourteen. We live in BEAUTIFUL coastal California and feel so lucky to be here.

I worked as a clinical social worker, psychotherapist, and body worker for most of the past twenty years. I specialized in prevention, treatment, and investigation of child abuse, attachment, and trauma.

In 2018, the spirit world made it very clear that it was time for me to move on from that very important work to the calling of my soul – assisting people to navigate the beautiful and often challenging experience of awakening to their ultimate, cosmic selves and souls.

For many years, since I was 21 years old, I have had an ability to see many things beyond the physical world – spirits of all kinds, past lives, the structure of people’s bodies and cells, and so on.

In the work I do now, I bridge both the Earthly world and that of the spiritual and cosmic worlds and to support people in coming into their own relationship with the spirit world and their own lives living as conscious beings of both the Earth and the divine.

I love this work that I do now and am honored and full of joy holding space for others to recognize their own beautiful, literally divine selves and to live the full life they are here to live.

Please connect with me any time at

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